Pre-war hohner Marine band

Pre-War Custom Hohner Marine Band Harp G

Legendary Hohner Marine Band Harp

My Vintage harmonicas are stock that i find that have had little or no use

All parts are thoroughly cleaned & sterilised before custom work is done

This harmonica is probably from the 30's & includes original box 


Key of G

Harp Dude Handmade fully stabilised Australian mahogany hardwood comb 

Comb is thicker than standard comb for extra volume & deep rich tone 

Coverplates opened up

Nails replaced with stainless steel bolts to allow easy access for cleaning

Quality reed profiling & gapping for maximum dynamic range & optimal playability

Tuned to Just Intonation 7 limit

Harmonica can be returned when needed for servicing by The Harp Dude for minimal cost to keep your instrument in perfect condition for many years


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